2016 Review in Tech

2016 Review in Tech-1
Some of the breakthrough Technologies in 2016

As years go by, its hard to keep track of the latest advances in technology. To help you recall what 2016 had in store, we’ve listed our picks for Top Tech products of 2016.

The Cloud

The power of the Cloud was fully realized after years of hearing ‘cloud, cloud, cloud’ from every IT consultant and tech geeks. The cloud has helped small business owners save files, communicate with their customers, and collaborate with employees.

You know whats better than ordering food? Ordering food through a cloud app. Having trouble with those pesky invoices? Simply manage them in the cloud. Collect cash and monitoring your companies from wherever we happen to be at any given time. The cloud saves the day.

Facebook Live

Probably one of the most controversial technologies of the year, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Live for everyone back in April. It allows users to create, share and broadcast live videos straight from their mobile phone.

From anywhere in the world, anyone can interact with your live feed via the ‘Live Map’. The feature was created with initial intent of bringing a new opportunity for people to come together. However, Facebook Live has been used to capture some of the most graphic live footage of U.S. police shootings in recent history.


There has been an increase in Air-traffic rules recently with Drones becoming the latest fad. Flying drones is trending among geek culture enthusiasts around the world. New shops have opened across the world selling nothing else but drones. So you’ve finally saved up for that DJI Phantom drone. Your planning is only half done – now you have to get a remote pilot certificate and a safe place where you can fly it.

Virtual Reality

VR has taken a big jump in 2016 with the Oculus Rift becoming available in the market. Sony let the world see its answer to the Oculus Rift by launching PlayStation VR, originally introduced as Project Morpheus back in 2014.

Along with mobile giants taking part in the melee with HTC Vive and Samsung’s Gear VR, all are the latest efforts to introduce players to the world of virtual reality.

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